Jonathan Duran

John was hired with the Phoenix Fire Dept. in 1997 at the young age of 20 years old. John grew up knowing what the Phoenix Fire Dept had to offer. At his time of hiring, John’s father and older brother both worked for the PFD. Now his dad is retired and John works with his older brother, Mike and his younger brother, Matt. John was promoted to Engineer in 2001 and is currently assigned to Squad 44. He received his Haz-Mat and TRT certification in 2011.

John became an associate member with the VHB in 1996 when he began the pursuit of his dream of becoming a firefighter. He went through the VHB mentorship program and credits his success and accomplishments to the Valley Hispanic Bomberos.

John is currently the treasurer for the Valley Hispanic Bomberos. He has proudly held this position since 2004. Along with being involved with many of the projects and events, John co-chairs the engineer mentorship program.

John has been married to his wife Lisa for 14 years and has three wonderful children. He loves the great outdoors, traveling, and baseball. John coaches his boys’ baseball teams and loves watching the D-backs with his family.


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